Beryl Bainbridge Wrap-Up

A quick update for those of you who love Beryl Bainbridge! Annabel (Gaskella), over at Annabel’s House of Books has now posted links to all the reviews people wrote for Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week. It’s always interesting to read other people’s ideas about authors and books, and there are some lovely reviews which make me want to dash off and Buy More Beryl! So a huge thank you to Annabel for organising the Week, and if you haven’t already seen it, please dash over to her blog and take a look at the wrap-up post.

2 thoughts on “Beryl Bainbridge Wrap-Up

  1. The only Beryl Brainbridge book I’ve read is Harriet Said, but it was strange and disturbing and delicious much like I feel when I read Patricia Highsmith. The greatest thing about blogging, or one of them, is being introduced to authors I haven’t read, or in some instances even heard of. Such is the case with Margaret Kennedy Day, of whom our library has not one book. It’s hard enough getting Japanese literature there! 🙂

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    1. I must admit I tend to stay within my comfort zone – I’m probably too old and set in my ways to be very adventurous, but blogging has introduced me to a lot of new authors (well, new to me!).


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