Persephone Post…

Hooray! The postman has been with parcels from those lovely people at Persephone:


And inside are these:


With their lovely bookmarks:


I am very excited about these, but a little sad because for the past six years my Younger Daughter lived in London so I was able to treat myself to spring and autumn trips to the shop while I was staying with her. Now she has moved to Newcastle (which is much further away, but she is looking out for bookshops for me) and I have been  forced to order online. Obviously, the books are the same, wherever I buy them, but I miss my Books, Cake and Walking Days. I used to pop in to the Wellcome Collection to browse the exhibitions and fortify myself with tea and cake, then walk up through Bloomsbury and the garden squares, past Great Ormond Street Hospital to Persephone. Then I usually managed to squeeze in a couple of second-hand book shops before ending the day with more tea and cake (for recuperation purposes), generally at the cafe in Foyles in Charing Cross Road.

So now I’m going to make myself a proper pot of tea (with loose tea), dip into the tin of ginger biscuits, and settle down to read, though I’m not sure where to start… !


6 thoughts on “Persephone Post…

    1. I love the shop – it’s so tranquil, and beautifully laid out, with muted colours, soothing music, fresh flowers, and staff who leave you alone to browse, but give advice when asked. Restrained is the word I would use – much like many of the books they sell!

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  1. I understand your sadness at missing out on trips to the shop. It’s such a treat to go there. Those books are beautiful though. I have read all three and rate each of them highly. Enjoy your books.

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    1. Thank you. It’s not easy selecting titles, especially when ordering online, so it’s heartening when other people approve my choices.


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