Reading My Unread Books!

This is the look I aspire to when cleaning but the reality, alas, is much more untidy! The picture is from Kay Smallshaw’s How To Run Your Home Without Help, which I reviewed here.

Inspired by Sei Shonagon’s lists in the Pillowbook, along with thoughts of New Year Resolutions, I have embarked on a Spring Clean (well, a Winter Clean if you want to be accurate). Feather duster in hand, I’ve donned my pinnie, cleaned out the (electronic) filing cabinet, and put things back in their correct categories. The bin is overflowing with rubbish, and all those half-finished oddments that have been mentioned on the blog but remained lurking in the corners of the virtual drawers have now been rescued and brushed down so they are fit to be released into the wider world, with a helping hand from the WordPress scheduler! Fingers crossed, it means posts on Wolf Hall, The Fortnight in September, We Have Always Lived in the Castle and Jane Austen should appear over the next week or so.

A bit of re-reading may go on, so I can jot down my thoughts on some of the books read but not written about (that may not be good grammar, but I think it makes sense), then I can hang on to them so there’s always a few things in hand. And I’m aiming to make some inroads into the TBR pile, especially all the old Virago Modern Classics, which have burst the confines of the bookshelves, and are now staring reproachfully at me from various spots around the house – every time we open a cupboard a green-spined Virago tumbles out!! I have decided that 2018 will be My Year of Reading Unread Books that I Already Own!!!

I’ve even signed up for some challenges, hoping it will strengthen my resolve.. With this in mind, I’m planning to join in What’s in a Name, Back to the Classics, and the Official 2018 TBR Pile. In January the Virago Group over at The LibraryThing is reading Emily Eden’s The Semi-Attached Couple and The Semi-Detached House, while over at HeavenAli’s blog there’s a year-long readathon marking the centenary of Muriel Spark’s birth, and I have enough unread Sparks to meet most of the categories, with maybe a couple of re-reads thrown in for good measure – unless I happen to spot any more in Oxfam.

And I have a Little List, so I know what I’m doing. That’s the theory anyway. I may, as usual, get horribly side-tracked, and have long periods where I don’t post anything at all, but my intentions are good. And books are meant to be read – they shouldn’t be left sitting on shelves.

4 thoughts on “Reading My Unread Books!

  1. I’m trying to do something similar, and progress has been slow but I’m getting there. The thing that has made a difference has been considering my own books as my library, and only going into town – and inevitably into bookshops – when I really have to. Good luck!

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    1. Jane, thinking of one’s books as a library is a good idea, but when it comes to second-hand bookshops I have no will power whatsoever – and volunteering in an Oxfam bookshop doesn’t help!


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