Saturday Snapshot: Tamworth Castle

Tamworth Castle

I’ve had a busy week and forgot about sorting out a Saturday Snapshot, and now I’m off to see my younger daughter. So, to keep things going (after all, I’ve only just got started again), here’s a quick post with a picture I took of Tamworth Castle back in March, when the trees were still bare. Everything is very lush and green now. I love our castle, which is very small, but very beautiful, and I take lots of photographs of it, from different viewpoints, and different angles, because it looks different depending on the light, the weather. and the time of day, and it seems to change colours in a really magical way.

*Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Melinda, at West Metro Mommy. Click on the link to see pictures from other participants.


12 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Tamworth Castle

  1. Beautiful and historic. Wish some day I can visit your part of the world. For some reasons, Sat. Snapshot isn’t appearing on West Metro Mommy this week. So let’s just pay our visit to each other then. Have a nice weekend with your daughter.

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  2. When my husband and I visited Germany and England, we saw a lot of beautiful castles. It must be wonderful to have a castle nearby! Your photo is beautiful.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a fun visit with your daughter.

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    1. #Sandra, the castle and the area around it is the nicest part of time – sadly, lots of the old buildings have gone.


    1. I’m not sure what it is about castles that we find so attractive – the architecture, obviously, but I think it’s something to do with that sense of history as well.


    1. Brona, the Castle was bought by the town’s ‘Corporation’ in 1997 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubillee, so it really is ‘our’ castle, and belongs to the people of the town (though, like everyone else, we have to pay to go inside!).

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    1. Debbie, the mound that the Castle stands on was made made, but the central part of town is definitely higher than the surrounding land, so I assume that is natural. There’s an incredible view from the castle.


  3. I’m reminded of something I heard once about over there you drive by Stonehenge, and it is just the natural scenery. I cannot imagine having a castle nearby. You are so lucky. It must be amazing to hop in the car, or walk, and see such things.

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    1. Nan, Tamworth is quite built up, but we do have some beautiful ‘wild spots’ in the area, as well as interesting historic buildings, only a short drive away. The Castle and the Castle Grounds are about a 20-minute walk from where I live.And there is a canal even closer than that, with lovely walks along the towpath in either direction. So yes, I am lucky, because I can escape the ‘urban sprawl’ quite easily.


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