I’ve Moved…

A ‘pleasing’ – I couldn’t resists these spring flowers, bought in the supermarket, where they even had bunches of pussy willow on sale

Well, I seem to have had another of those huge gaps when I haven’t written anything for ages and, as usual, I can’t offer any explanation, except life got in the way. I think for months and months I concentrated so bard on losing weight for our Elder Daughter’s wedding, that I didn’t have any energy for anything else! Anyway, the Wedding has been and gone, and just before that we had Younger Daughter’s Graduation (her second!), and before that was New Year, and Christmas, and all sorts of other things.

Now, since this blog is supposed to be about books, I’m catching up on the few books I’ve read during the last few months – and I’ve moved to WordPress, because I’ve always struggled with Blogger, especially when it comes to uploading photos, and it seems a good time to make a fresh start.

My new ‘home’ is a bit of a Work in Progress at the moment while I decide exactly what I want it to look like, and what format it will take. Books, of course, will still loom large, but I want to include  a bit more on Life in General, incorporating some of the things I used to wrote about in my original blog (http://chriscross53.blogspot.co.uk/), like walking, places I visited, local history, and things that please me. Quite apart from my struggles with Blogger, I think both the old blogs – and me – got a little tired and jaded, so by rolling them in together I’m hoping to come up with something brighter.

And there are few technical glitches I need to sort out. I’ve imported all my Book Trunk archives, but those old categories will have to go – there are far too many of them, and they’re very unwieldy. Then I need to work out whether I can transfer the links to my favourite bloggers, or whether it’s easier to set them up again, and if so, how!

8 thoughts on “I’ve Moved…

    1. Thank you Jane! It may take a while to adapt, but I’m using WordPress for a Creative Sketchbook course (I scan my work in, then post it online, so my tutor can access it and email feedback) and it seems much easier than Blogger. It certainly looks cleaner and crisper, and it doesn’t do weird things with spacing, or keep reverting to default settings, and the picture quality is much better


  1. Welcome to your new home! Good to see you here…. as Jane has said, it will be so much easier to comment or ‘Like’ your stuff over here. Here’s to your fresh new start! 🙂


  2. Welcome back. I’m really looking forward to reading your book reviews again and the write-ups (and photographs) of your outings. Hope the wedding went well.


    1. It’s nice to have been missed! The wedding was perfect – the Darling Daughter looked absolutely stunning, and my husband and I both cried. We couldn’t believe this gorgeous creature we were looking at was our’s!


    1. Thanks Margaret. I have been dipping in and out of people’s blogs, but I’ve not even had much time for reading – just didn’t seem to be able to settle into anything until the wedding as all over and done.


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