Time To Tidy The Shelves…

LibraryThing and Viragoing for August has gone to my head I think. Have started trying to tidy bookshelves – not something I attempt all that often! Now have two rows of Viragos and Persephones, which may not look a lot, but they’re double stacked, so there’s a complete row of green Viragos behind the grey Persephones. (all my books are double stacked – no room otherwise). Who thinks I shuld put these in alphabetical order?

8 thoughts on “Time To Tidy The Shelves…

  1. Well, if you have time to go through your shelves I'm sure that you'd have a lovely time. I thought about putting my collection in order once, put I remembered that Molly Keane's books are sometimes billed as that and sometimes as M J Farrell and put the idea to one side. I just tidy from time to time to make sure all of the books by the same author together and that I haven't any duplicates.


  2. Itr's like painting the Forth Bridge! I've never been very good about organising my books, and I keep finding Viragos (and other books) in odd places. Plus I came back from Oxfam today with three more.. And I had a bit of a splurge of Abe Books…


  3. Margaret, generally everything is all muddled up together, and after I've read a book I just cram it back wherever there is a space and I can never find anything. So I'm trying to sort them into categories to start with- Virago and Persephone, other fiction; children's and fantasy, crime (one small shelf), poetry and drama, gardening etc.


  4. They look lovely just as they are. I notionally have things in alphabetical order within publishers or categories – but it never stays organised for very long…..



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