Snapshots of Paris…

I’ve been looking through my old holiday photos and, since I’m on a ‘virtual’ trip for the Paris in July challenge, run by Karen at Book Bath and Tamara at Thyme for Tea, and Dreaming of France over at An Accidental Blog, I thought would post some of my pictures for a Saturday Snapshot, which is hosted by Melinda at West Metro Mummy. So I’ve dug out some street scenes to show why I love the city.
I love the way Parisians turn the tiniest of
balconies  into lush, green, hanging gardens.

And the pride they have in keeping their city clean –
especially this chap, sweeping the steps with an
old-fashioned besom, like a witch’s broom.

 And they have wonderfully decorative street lamps, 
where the top….

…and the bottom are works of art, 
so they are beautiful and functional.

 And there are buskers who play proper music (rather 
than strumming three chords on a guitar and singing
out of tune Dylan numbers. I enjoyed this harpist…
…and this jazz quartet…
 ...and this trio taking a well earned break – I’ll be it was
hard work moving the piano around!

 And I adore the pavement cafes where you can sit and 
watch the world go by as you sip your tea or coffee…

 Or browse around a market… this is the Bird
 Market, next to the Flower Market.

 And you stumble across unexpected little parks and
squares, with the most beautiful planting arrangements, 
and fountains, and statues, and benches.

 And there are tiny roads 
and hidden alleys and it’s 
all quite, quite wonderful.

39 thoughts on “Snapshots of Paris…

  1. Oh, thanks for the tour of the beautiful spots of Paris. I, too, love the little balcony gardens and the street life. Wonderfully cozy and inviting. Now I must watch a movie set in Paris, to continue the feeling.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. These are the reasons I want to go back to visit Paris. Next time, I'll go to the side streets away from the major tourist attractions and see how people really live… like what you've shown us here. I like how you point out they still use the besom, and play real classy street music. 😉


  3. Inviting is exactly the right word Laurel-Rain. I want to go back there! I have some movies – Amelie, and Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn. I may sit indorrs and watch one of them, because I have been out in the sun all day on a photography course…


  4. I was the day we went to Sacre Coeur and Montmartre, and some guy grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go until I'd given him £1- euros for a friendship bracelet made of wool, and someone else tried to sell us a 'gold ring, and we were pestered by gangs of Eastern Europe demanding money from us…


  5. Thank you – I'm always fascinated by the little alleys and narrow streets, many of them with cobbled surfaces, and tall buildings casting shadows on the ground, and I always want to go and explore, but I'm worried about getting lost!


  6. Paulita, I'm always impressed at how clean Paris is. People don't seem to drop nearly as much litter as they do in England, and the streets are swept, and washed down twice a day with that special watering system they have.


  7. I've not been to Paris either. But my youngest granddaughter has and cannot wait to return. She threatened to get lost on her senior trip there two years ago, she wanted to stay so badly!.. ps her mother would have killed her! :0


  8. You really don't have to rush round visiting places – I love just wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere, walking along the Seine, and in the gardens, and just watching the world go by.


  9. Growing up in Paris I never took pictures there because it was home – I took pictures when I went on holiday in London or Italy though. When my mother had Parkinson’s disease and could not walk anymore in Paris I went one day and took many pictures for her, so she could look at the sights. Now when I go back to Paris I take many pictures too but then I don’t look at them often because I get homesick. Your pictures give a good sample of all the interesting sights that there are in the city, it is so diverse.


  10. It IS a charming city, isn't it? And your post certainly captures this! Thanks for playing Paris in July — I am too at The Marmelade Gypsy (You may have to scroll down a few posts to get to the Paris ones, but there are several!)


  11. I'm enjoying everyone's memories and photos of Paris while posting from my trip 2 weeks ago. As you point out, there are amazing numbers of little details that create the incredible look of every neighborhood in Paris. We explored Montparnasse and Belleville for the first time, while returning to many places we have loved in the past.

    My posts are at and … mae


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