Teatime Treats!

Teatime treats!
Help yourself to a cake or biscuit people! And you needn’t worry about the calorie count as these little morsels are certainly not fattening – because they’re made from wool. I was so delighted with the Blooms and Bunnies I produced for Easter I thought I would try and make something each month so, since the Man of the House and I both celebrated birthdays at the start of May, I got my crochet hooks out, and rummaged around in my stash of wool oddments, and this is what I’ve come up with for today’s Saturday Snapshot. 
Creative cupcakes.

I had great fun decorating them with beads and ribbons, and although my efforts to produce a crochet fruit for the top of one cake were not at all successful, I left it on, as a record of my work. 

Fondant fancies and an iced party ring biscuit . The
butterfly candles look pretty, but I don’t think it
would be sensible to light them.

There are fondant fancies (round rather than square like the real thing) with roses on the top, and cup cakes with lots of swirly ‘icing’, and some cream sponges topped with fruit, some jam tarts and bakewell tarts, and lots of biscuits. There are chocolate digestives, and jammie dodgers, and scrummy party rings with icing on the top, and pink wafers sandwiched together with vanilla cream, and those lovely, curranty biscuits with crunchy sugar on the top. I’m not sure what they are called – I’ve seen them referred to as currant biscuits, Easter biscuits, and Shrewsbury biscuits. Whatever their name, the edible ones are delicious and really easy to bake, but having lost weight on my walking/not eating between meals campaign, I’m reluctant to start cooking teatime treats in case I put weight on again! 

Biscuit bonanza: pink wafers, jammie dodgers and
sugary currant biscuits.

I used scraps of double knitting wool, with a 3mm (British sizing hook), and the patterns mostly came from http://www.normalynn.info/which has some really ambitious culinary crochet, much more intricate than mine. I changed some of the patterns, and altered the sizes, and even though self-praise is no recommendation I think they are quite effective. 

Tasty ‘pstry’ tarts – jam, lemon curd, and bakewell
(with a cerry on the top).

Now I have to think about a project for June! Any ideas anyone?

Alyce at At Home With Books is taking a break, so Saturday Snapshot is now being hosted by Melinda of West Metro Mommy.

32 thoughts on “Teatime Treats!

  1. These are just wonderful Christine! It's early morning and my first view of the first photo, I thought they were Real! What a lot of work that must have taken. Now I want cupcakes! Have a great day!


  2. Actually stuff like this is easier than something like a granny square market, because it's all small-scale and you have something to show for your efforts quite quickly. I'm still stitching in ends on the granny square blanket I did… it takes for ever!


  3. Thank you Frances. I did some of these when I was with my Mother, and the cupcakes were her favourites, and made her want to eat something similar, but she forced herself to eat chocolates instead!


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