Blooms and Bunnies

Something a little different from me for this week’s Saturday Snapshot, because it’s Easter, and I’ve been crocheting some decorations. I only started a couple of weeks ago, then I was at Mum’s for week, and I couldn’t get on with them until I got back home, so nothing is quite finished, but I’m quite pleased with what I’ve done.

First up is an Easter wreath, made from a polystyrene ring which I covered with a strip of crochet – I tugged and pulled and stretched to make it fit, and stitched it together on the back (where no-one can see the worst of the lumps and bumps).

The next bit was the fun bit, creating flowers, and little ball shapes which look a bit like eggs, and spirals, and leaves, and pom poms. I’ve added beads, bows and buttons, and some feathers and miniature straw bonnets, and it’s all very colourful, and definitely a little over the top. But it’s just the thing to cheer one up during the latest spell of bad weather, as once again we’ve had snow, ice and gale force winds.

 At the moment all the bits and pieces are held in place by pins, which can be seen if you look closely at the photo, and I’m in the middle of making some dangling twists and spirals, decorated with more buttons and beads, and some little charms shaped like crosses,which can be attached when I hang the wreath on the wall. 
I got the idea from Lucy at attic24 who has one of the best crochet blogs around, and I used a lot of her patterns for the flowers, because her instructions are so clear and simple. She used a slightly larger ring than I was able to get, and has done a lot more things to put on it, and stitched them all into position properly, and made it look very professional- but she is something of an expert where things like this are concerned.

And I enjoyed myself so much I’ve done an Easter bunny(from a pattern at Planet Penny, who is another talented maker). I couldn’t produce satisfactory whiskers, so I gave my rabbit a little spotty, pink bow instead. Then I realised she wouldn’t stand up (maybe she’s been at what’s left of the Christmas ginger wine!), so I crocheted a little basket to stop her falling over. She got her tail tangled up in the first basket I tried, and still toppled sideways, so I made a shallow dish, with a frill around the edge, and that seems to have done the trick.

I really wanted to do a garland of flowers, but I seem to have run out of time, although woollen crochet blooms don’t take long, so maybe I’ll give it a whirl and see how far I get… Meanwhile, I’ve bought some tiny, fluffy Easter chicks, and some little eggs, and some small Easter crackers, which I snaffled when I spotted them in the £1 Shop, and I’m going to get a nice candle, and one of those plants that look like primroses, and make an Easter display. I may not have completed everything by Good Friday (yesterday) but it should be more or less ready when our Younger Daughter visits us on Sunday – and I may even bake a cake!

Happy Easter everyone – and if you want to see more Saturday Snapshot photos from other participants, the weekly posts are hosted by Alyce, over at

46 thoughts on “Blooms and Bunnies

  1. wow! looks just amazing! I personally can't make anything so I really admire crafts made by talented folks. (I remember once making something and someone asked if I had made it with my hands — or my feet). -Beth 🙂


  2. These are so colourful, and timely for Easter. My admiration for your wonderful talents… skills and creativity that I don't have, at all. Just love that bunny. 😉


  3. Lots of fun. Love your bunny too. I learned to crochet, but find I prefer to knit. Thanks for sharing.
    I've just cooked some eggs and we'll decorate them with our grandchildren this afternoon


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