Signs To Make You Smile…

Right folks, I’ll start this week’s Saturday Snapshot with a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who commented on my duck pictures in last week’s post. The response was tremendous (as I keep saying, the Internet is a wonderful thing), and I am so grateful to the knowledgeable people who were able to identify my mystery water fowl. They turned out to be mallard hybrids, rather than a rare and strange new species, but I’m glad I know what they are, and I am still watching them when I walk by the lake.

I only have a couple of photos today, but they both made me chuckle. The first is of a sign on Bridge 74 on the Coventry Canal at Tamworth, where Tamworth Cruising Club is based, and many narrow boats are moored. It’s very blurred, because there’s no towpath or public access on that side, and I was balanced on the very edge of the water on the towpath (opposite the sign)trying to get a shot!I have cropped the photo, but it’s still not very clear. Basically it’s asking boaters to slow down, so the wash from their craft doesn’t disturb others, and it’s a little rhyme which says:

If you slow down when passing through
We will smile and wave at you
But thrash on past without a care
And all you’ll get is a stony stare.

It made me wonder if people would pay more attention if all public notices were poetic!

059.JPG (1600×1200)And I couldn’t resist taking a snap of this sign stuck on a glass bus shelter in the town centre, because it seems to be a case of health and safety gone mad – stating the obvious I think. Why warn people that there are moving buses at a bus stop? What else would anyone expect to find there? I just hope time and money won’t be wasted putting them up on any other bus shelters. 
You may notice (it’s hard to avoid really) that the blog has a new look – I wanted something cheerful and uplifting to make me smile when I look at it, but I do wonder if this is a little over the top! I did it last night, and it took me hours – at one stage I ended up with gobbledy gook appearing on screen, then the blog disappeared completely when I tried to get it back to normal, because I’d forgotten to save the original template! It’s still a work in progress, but I’ll attack it again later on, and see if I can remember how to put borders back on photos.  
I’m not sure if everything that was there before is still here, and I’m not sure if the comments will work – last time I tried to be clever and put a different background on no-one could comment, so if there is a problem please leave a message on my other blog, which is where I originally started blogging, and it got overtaken by this one!

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46 thoughts on “Signs To Make You Smile…

  1. I love seeing amusing signs — thanks for posting! Your new blog design is very pretty, just in time for Spring! 🙂 I know how you feel, though, when you play around with it and then things go wrong, lol. Thanks for stopping by my Snapshot post!!


  2. Thank you Melissa. I'm glad you mentioned Spring, because that's just what I was trying to achieve with the blog. I keep looking at the grey skies, and wrapping up against the wind and rain when I'm out, and I wanted something cheery to look at.


  3. Your comments are definitely working…and I love the new design.

    And this is the first time I noticed about your Norwegian grandmother. Mine was Swedish and left her home country at age twenty with only a trunk. I have a photo of it somewhere. Mine left sometime around the turn of the 20th Century.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  4. Oh, what a co-incidence! I'd love to see a photo of the trunk – we don't have much from my grandmother, but I have a photo of her with two of her sisters and her father, when they were very small – less than five I think. And Mum has a couple of photos of her as a young woman, possibly a teenager.


  5. Glad you've ID the water birds. Always interesting to see hybrids. This is a fresh, new look. The type style looks like manuscript… good prompt for writing. 😉


  6. I love to find quaint signs or funny ones…it's interesting the first sign is so small that it would be hard for the boaters to read! I like your new design, the side panels complement your header nicely. I have similar problems when I want to update my blog. I've avoided it but my blog needs a new look and I'll work on it in time.


  7. These signs are priceless. I like the look of your new blog design. The flowers, birds, and rosy color have me dreaming of warm spring days!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate


  8. Yes, the updated blog template is looking good♫♪ Enjoyed your signs and especially your description of your balancing act to get a good snapshot♫♪ Life is a balancing act! Happy Week-end♥


  9. I noticed your makeover straight away! It looks great. The bridge sign is great. The bus sign just makes me despair- we seem to be getting more stupid and signs need to be put on everything- one of my favourite is when they put a Warning- contains nuts on a packet of nuts….


  10. I think the first sign is much more effective than the second one – I hope they don't replace it with a health and safety gone mad one!

    I was amused by your blog template change – I went the other way from a picture of books in my background to a completely plain one! I've tried to find a more cheerful background but each time I change it I don't like the result, and I'm not very technical so I worry about messing it all up – so well done!


  11. Louise, I've seen warnings about nuts on packets of nuts and other nut products (like nut roasts or nut cutlets), and it always makes me laugh because it seems superfluous. And announcements on trains are the verbal equivalents of silly notices!!


  12. I love finding funny signs! Sometimes they are so dumb but it seems like everyone has to worry about legal issues now. Remember when McDonald's had to pay the woman who spilled hot coffee in her lap? After that they put warnings on their cups – Hot Coffee! Or a sticker on a toaster that says not to take it in the bath tub!! (Duh, but sad it's come to that) They are still entertaining.

    Your blog looks very pretty and perfect for spring! You've done a great job with it! 🙂


  13. Like Wrighty said – people are worried over being sued because even those who can't recognized the likelyhood of moving buses at a bus stop know about lawsuits and what they perceive as the quick jackpot!


  14. I know that, sadly, people in all walks of life are worried about being sued, and that there are people who are prepared to sue at the drop of a hat if they see a chance of getting something (in this case money) for nothing – but I still think it's a shame we live in such a bonkers world!


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