Saturday Stitchery!

This week’s Saturday Snapshot is a kind of follow-up on Alyce’s photos of peacocks last week, because they reminded me that I once did a little peacock embroidery, using blue and green shiny threads, and beads, and a variety of stitches, including eyelet stitch, straight stitch, Rhodes stitch and herringbone. I bought the design and instructions at an embroidery exhibition some years back, and it sat around for a while until I got round to doing it, and it’s not all that big – about five inches across. It may not be as spectacular as the real bird, but I had great fun creating my little peacock, because I love messing around with different stitches and threads. Anyway, I hunted it out and took a picture.

And, since Christmas is on the way, I also took photos of some of the seasonal embroideries I have stitched over the years. I never seem to have enough money to have my work framed, so I have dozens of embroideries stashed away in a big plastic box, which is not really the best way to store them, because they get horribly creased, and it seems such a shame not to have them on display. Perhaps I could have a go at framing them myself, but I’ve always been worried about wrecking them.

The photographs haven’t really come out all that well. I think a different camera setting may have helped, or scanning might have produced better results. 

As you can see, I enjoy stitching samplers – I’ve completed several for other seasons of the year, and a few traditional ‘house’ designs, and a lot of Noah’s Arks (I like Noah, although it’s Mrs Noah I always feel sorry for when I think of all the feeding she must have done, and the cleaning and grooming, and mucking out, and trying to keep the peace between all those creatures). 

This Christmas Angel is not my usual style at all. I saw it in a magazine, and it looked so pretty I thought I would have a go, but it drove me demented working on it, and I’m still not happy with it, and I really can’t work out why. It’s like a book that you don’t like, but you can’t pinpoint why you don’t like it.

For more Saturday Snapshots see Alice’s blog at For more Saturday Snapshots see  Alice’s blog at

42 thoughts on “Saturday Stitchery!

  1. I admire your work! I'm not at all creative at needlepoint or cross-stitching. I used to do a little embroidery….I hope you can frame them. They would look gorgeous up on the walls. Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog. Glad you enjoyed my photos and understand that each thing tells a story.


  2. These ones are from charts that other people have designed, but I do design bits and pieces when I'm in the mood. I find embroidery very therapeutic, and I can remember where I was, and what was happening in my life when I look them.


  3. I admire your skill and patience in doing all these. They're wonderful, esp. with Christmas in a bit over a month's time. I find it amusing that you have empathy for Mrs. Noah. The first time I hear somebody thinks of her. 😉 I don't have a snapshot this time because of the Anna K. read-along wrap up. Maybe next week.


  4. The peacock is gorgeous. I'm a cross-stitcher too so I appreciate how much time and effort has gone into creating these lovely pieces.
    I've framed a few of mine over the years – you've inspired me to photograph them and perhaps share them one week 🙂


  5. Those are so beautiful and intricate! I'm very impressed! I have never been able to get into fancy stitching (and only do the non-fancy sort when absolutely necessary). 🙂


  6. Alyce, I only do 'useless' embroidery and needlework – I'm no good at all with the useful variety that involves replacing buttons and mending hems. When my daughters were younger I used to repair their school uniforms with safety pins and Bondaweb!


  7. It's the creative bit I love, the actual stitching. I think that (coupled with lack of cash) means I lack motivation you do anything with the finished pieces – I sit and look at them once in a while and think 'oh, I did that…' !


  8. Many years ago we had a little independent embroidery/art shop, which was excellent, and the woman who ran it gave lots of advice, and knew a framer who used to collect things from her once a week, and he was good, but expensive. Now we have a big craft store out of the town centre, but it doesn't do framing.


  9. I'm afraid my daughters got used to me saying things like 'I'll just finish this little bit..' when I was stitching, or 'I'll just finish this chapter…' when I was reading. They used to watch me to check I stopped and didn't try to sneak extra stitches or pages! And I had to remember to hid the scissors, and try not to stick needles in the arm of the chair!


  10. I go through phases. Sometimes I do lots of embroidery – at the moment I'm crocheting blankets for the campervan, which is great on a cold day because I can work with a part completed blanket across my knees, and I'm all warm and snug.


  11. After my elder daughter was born my mother (who has much more patience than me) did me a beautiful tree of life, in crewel work. with all sorts of creatures on the branches. I'd love to be able to do something like that.


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