Saturday Flowers!

I know it is Sunday, and I should not have a  Saturday Snapshot, but in some parts of the globe (like American Samoa and Hawaii) I believe it is still yesterday, which makes this post OK!

Anyway, this week’s Snapshot is very brief (as well as being very late) because my mother is ill, and I am looking after her. So here is a picture I took yesterday of one of her fuschias, and a shot of part of her lovely garden, which is her pride and joy. Aged 85, she still does the garden herself, and grows the plants from seeds and cuttings – she has real ‘green fingers’ and sticks tiny fragments of flowers and shrubs into pots of earth, or even jars of water, and they flourish for her. She says she talks to them and that’s what makes the difference!

Despite being so independent, she has allowed me to mow the grass – but only because she is not well enough to do it herself!

For more Saturday Snapshots see  Alice’s blog at 

48 thoughts on “Saturday Flowers!

  1. What a boon that garden must be for your Mum! Those fushcia are just lovely! I managed to bring two fushcia through the summer and now am wondering if I can bring the pots inside for the winter … do you mind asking your Mum and getting back to me? perhaps she will be able to advise me! I live in New Hampshire, so they will never make it through the winter outside!


  2. Talking to flowers does make a difference. I talk to all of mine and I rarely lose a plant. I suspect there is some truth to the 'talking to them' in that we breath out carbon dioxide which plants use to make food. But then again I could be imagining things!

    Hope you mom feels better soon and gets back out into her garden. Gardening is my therapy and I can certainly understand why she still loves tending to hers even at age 85.


  3. Fantastic fuschia…and the garden is jut beautiful. My mum used to have that same kind of green thumb; she never took any particular care that I could see but would shove a shoot into some earth in a pot very perfunctually and lo and behold, lovely growth. My thumb on the other hand is green, but only with envy.
    I hope your mum feels better and stays that way.


  4. My best get-well wishes to your mother. She's one tough lady, still mowing the lawn and gardening at 85, just amazing! The colours are so beautiful in her lovely garden. You take care too.


  5. Lovely! I wish I could think I'd still be doing my own garden at 85! I already have a man to cut the grass (but there is a lot of it).
    I hope your mother will soon be pottering outside again.


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