Taking a Wrong Turning

The long and winding road… it was the first
time we had ever seen grass growing in the
middle of the road!

Today’s Saturday Snapshot is a kind of follow-up on last week’s, because on the way back from Bigbury Beach and Burgh Island we took a wrong turning, and instead of driving along the’A’ road we wanted, we found ourselves on a single track country lane, with grass growing in the middle! Parts of it were so overgrown it was like being in an ancient hollow way.

The Man Of The House was driving, and Elder Daughter was navigating, with the aid of her SatNav, which is usually very reliable. However, it failed to differentiate between ‘bear left’ and ‘turn left’ so somewhere along the line the Man Of The House, who possesses a very good sense of direction (unlike me and Elder Daughter), failed to continue along the main road (which gently curved around to the left) and instead turned into what looked like the world’s narrowest road, with burgeoning greenery on either side – and overhead – and grass where one would normally expect to find a central white line.
This one is a bit blurred (it’s not easy taking pictures in a
moving car, even if you are travelling very slowly, but you
you can see how the land is built up at the side of the road

Having landed us in seemingly uncharted territory, Voice of the SatNav became uncharacteristically silent – there was not even the standard message about re-computing our route. At this point my imagination got the better of me, and I began to wonder if our route finder was really a Discworld-style machine powered by two bad-tempered imps taking turn and turn about on an oversized bicycle (rather than a state-of-the-art, hi-tech gadget using a satellite to tell us the way). Right now, I decided, the imps had both stopped pedaling, and were searching through a pile of maps and reference books, whilst quarreling furiously over who was to blame – one of the, both of them, or us!

Eventually, some decisiom having been reached, a disembodied voice urged us to Keep Right On To the End Of the Road (or words to that effect), which made me hope our satellite guide would burst into song but, sadly, no tune was forthcoming. However, it’s an idea SatNav manufacturers would do well to consider. Just think how much more interesting a journey would be with carefully selected musical accompaniments (all suitable suggestions will be gratefully received). 
This shot is even more blurred, but it’s kind of
arty, and I rather like it, because it gives a sense
of the tunnel effect of the vegetation.

Anyway, since the road was much too narrow to even think about turning round – let alone trying such a manoeuvre – we had no alternative but to follow instructions, and we crawled along very slowly, in a very low gear. Fortunately the few cars we encountered travelling in the opposte direction were equally cautious, and there were passing points, where the road was slightly wider on each side, and you could avoid hitting anyone by pulling into the hedge!

I took photos through the car window, as an experiment, to try and show what the road was like. When we got home I looked at a map, but I’m still not sure where we went! However, I do wonder of sections of the route could have been an old hollow way  – a sunken lane, with trees and bushes growing on earth banks on each side, and forming an arch overhead, which makes it feel as if you are driving through a tunnel. Hollow ways (which I think are also known as green ways or green lanes) are ancient roadways and, apparently,  there are a lot of them in Devon, so I like to think we were following a track established in the distant past.

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… And higher…
The sides got higher…

Back to normality!

44 thoughts on “Taking a Wrong Turning

  1. That was quite a fun adventure to follow along with! Thanks for sharing the story behind the photos! We have some old logging roads like that here in Oregon. They're quite fun for hiking along.


  2. I love these shots! I often wish I had my camera with me when I'm driving with my husband through roads beautifully strewn with trees. You've done a wonderful job of capturing it! It's lovely! Thanks for sharing. 😀


  3. Wrong turns aren't bad if you don't need to be somewhere at a certain time (and you can figure out how to get where you need to be anyway). I love the tunnel-like picture!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I seldom take photos from inside a car. Even if I do, I'd usually roll down the window. But what you have here seem to work fine, even creating some artsy work. Thanks for letting us ride in your car as you zoom down the country road.


  5. Arti, I just pointed the camera straight ahead and took shots through the windscreen (it's a good job it was clean!). I tried it once through a train window, and the dirt on the glass came out looking like raindrops!


  6. Susan, that's a very wise saying, and very true – I shall remember that. I'm glad you like the arty shot. A couple of years back I did an online art course with http://www.ameliacritchlow.co.uk and part of that included playing around with a camera, but I didn't really get into that bit – now it makes more sense, and I'd like to play around with the camera and movement.


  7. Paulita, there are probably loads of roads like this in England – I guess were surprised because it was not what we expected! It was a lovely route though, and nice to see 'nature' rather than miles of Tarmac and concrete.


  8. Oh, the road less traveled by….You had a nice little adventure♫♪
    And thanks for visiting my blog about Hoover….All the presidents are represented….Obama's statue is still a WIP (work in progress)


  9. I really do feel like I was along for the ride with you. I was Elder Family Friend peering out from the back seat and I really had a glorious ride. All that green! Delish. Glorious pictures. Looking forward to our next adventure.


  10. If I lived over there, these are the roads I would always, always travel. They are out of time, out of a story. The road up to our house has grass growing in the middle.


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